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Marvel Champions LCG

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Buy Marvel Champion Card Game Online in Australia

With Marvel Champions: The Card Game, you can now embody iconic heroes of the Marvel universe. You can battle to stop infamous villains from enacting their schemes. Marvel Champions: The Card Game is supported with the regular release of new scenarios and heroes, which gives you new ways to play as it is a living card game. There is a lot of scope of replay ability as you can decide the level of difficulty that fits your needs. The game play is intense and tactical as you can jump into action or let your alter ego plot the next move.

To help you get started, there are simple deck-building hero packs with pre-built packs. While building a deck, you can include the signature cards of your favourite hero and the rest of the deck can be made up of the aspect that you choose. New content will be added through three types of expansion, namely hero packs, scenario packs, and campaign expansion packs. Hero packs will have a hero with a fully playable deck related to one aspect. Scenario packs will have new stories and enemies to explore. Champion’s expansion packs will introduce potentially self-contained and robust themes.

Products We Offer

You can buy Marvel Champions: The Card Game online from our 100+ products in the trade card games section. A few of our best-selling products are

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