CHX 30040 Nebulal Copper Matrix/Orange Luminary 7-Die Set

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Designer’s notes: We had a Nebula® Copper/black color many years ago. It was a nice color but I always felt it lacked something. The addition of the black pigment gives it more of an industrial look that makes it more interesting. Also, more pigment was added to try to avoid the Nebula® dice looking like translucent dice. We chose orange paint as there wasn’t any color that seemed clearly the best and this color looks good


  • 1 x d4,
  • 1 x d6,
  • 1 x d8,
  • 1 x d10 (0-9),
  • 1 x d10 (00-90),
  • 1 x d12, and
  • 1 x d20.
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