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Buy Complete Wargame Set Online in Australia

Wargame is one such type of game that realistically simulates warfare and is played for recreational purposes and to train military officers. This strategic game is used to recreate historic or fantasy-based battle and to study the nature of major political conflicts. Players enact battles using abstract miniature figurines. Players take turn to move their miniature warriors and attack the opponents. The outcome of the battle is resolved through a combination of rolling dice and simple arithmetic.

The miniature models of wargames are usually sold in parts and players can collect, assemble, and paint the models according to the instructions given in the handbook. Wargames are usually based on medieval fantasy themes. The battlefield is mounted on a tabletop and players have the freedom to design their own battlefield.

Products We Offer

You can buy a wargame set online from our 100+ products in the games section. A list of the best wargame sets is provided below.

● Craftworlds Army
Warhammer 40,000 Command Edition
● Imperial Knight Crusader
● White Dwarf 12 Month Subscription
● Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniature Game Core Set
● Land Raider Redeemer
● Space Marine Heroes 3 (Dispenser)

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