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Final Fantasy TCG

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Buy Final Fantasy Trading Card Games Online in Australia

Final Fantasy TCG is based on the characters from the Final Fantasy series. It is a one-on-one game where the players use familiar monsters and characters to attack the opponent. Both mainstream and spin-off characters from the series are featured here. Final Fantasy TCG captures and reflects various qualities of the characters from the original work, and this serves as the main reason to stand out from other trading card games.

Final Fantasy TCG is highly strategic in nature and hence it never fails to satisfy trading card game fans along with the fans of the original work. Each player will have a deck of 50 cards and no card will appear more than thrice. Players will play cards by spending crystal points earned by discarding cards or dulling backup cards. The game has a global tournament circuit and features a wide range of characters from the original work. You can win the game if you satisfy any one of the losing conditions: Have seven cards in the damage zone, receive damage when the deck is empty, or attempt to draw from an empty deck.

Products We Offer

You can buy final fantasy trading card games online from our 100+ products in the trading card games section. A few of our best-selling Final Fantasy TCG are:

● Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Opus VI and VII Bundle - March Special
● Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Opus X Booster Box
● Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Opus IX Booster Box
● Final Fantasy TCG Limited Edition Vincent Red Triple Deck Case
● Final Fantasy TCG Tin Gift Set

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