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Flesh and Blood

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Buy Flesh and Blood Trading Card Games Online in Australia

The Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game (TCG) involves fighting back and forth with your opponents to protect your hero. The game might include the usage of your abilities, equipment, magic, and some old wits to gain the upper hand and achieve victory. Flesh and Blood TCG is valued by many as it keeps everyone light on their feet until someone reigns supreme.

The basic format of Flesh and Blood TCG is that you will have a hero and a supporting deck that consists of 60 cards, in which anything can appear up to three times. Your starting life is based on the hero card. You will have your hero and the playing field in the middle, your deck and the graveyard to the right, other equipment to the left. You reveal your hero and the equipment to your opponent and settle for around when the match begins. An official match will last up to 50 minutes. If a winner is not decided after that, you can go for three more turns. You can declare the match to be a draw if no one is killed.

Products We Offer

You can buy Flesh and Blood Trading Card Games online from our 100+ products in the trading card games section. Few of our best-selling Flesh and Blood TCG are

  • WTR001 Rhinar, Reckless Rampage - Cold Foil [UNL]
  • CRU025 Crater Fist Cold Foil - M
  • Flesh and Blood - Arcane Rising Case (4) - Unlimited (Sealed)
  • Flesh and Blood - Welcome to Rathe Case (4) - Unlimited (Sealed)
  • CRU084 Spoils of War Rainbow Foil - M

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