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Dragon Ball Super

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Buy Dragon Ball Trading Card Games Online in Australia

Dragon Ball TCG features exclusive work from all the Dragon Ball anime series. Dragon Ball Super Card Game is based on the Z-style warriors like Krilin, Goku, Yamcha, Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta, and Master Roshi. The game includes four different types of cards, namely wish, technique, warrior, and event.

Wish cards are based on the wishes made in the series. They can be used when you collect the seven dragon balls. Technique cards will have various attacks that can be used in the battle against the opponent. Warrior cards will have characters who will fight in the game. Event cards will have various events which can be used to change the dynamics of the battle.

Cards are also differentiated as common, uncommon, rare, super-rare, and starter exclusive super-rare based on their rarity. There are three types of decks namely starter decks, expert decks, and ultimate decks, and you can build a strong deck to easily defeat the opponent.

Products We Offer

You can buy Dragon Ball Trading Card Games online from our 100+ products in the trading card games section. A few of our best-selling Dragon Ball TCG are

  • BT12-152 [SCR] Super Paikuhan, Might Manifested
  • DB3-137 Bardock, Giant Force [GFR]
  • DB1-096 Uneasy Alliance Son Goku
  • DB1-098 Son Gohan, Master and Pupil
  • DB1-102 SS3 Tag Team Son Gohan (BT12 Revival)
  • DB3-136 Raditz, Giant Force [GFR]

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