Investor's Corner

Investor's Corner

Welcome to the Investor's Corner

Items advertised here are high end products and are sold on consignment (Midian Gaming sells them for Midian Gaming Members). 
Only items accepted here are ones which Midian Gaming believes there is an investment potentrial.
Reasons why will be given in each item description
We are not looking to merely move just anything. This is high end and investible items only. 

If you have any queries regarding an item or wish to provide a one time Best Offer (not just fishing)...

Please do so by the "Contact Us" link within the item description.

Please also note that while Midian Gaming will handle the sale, items may/will not be kept on the premises due to their value. Once a sale is agreed upon please allow 5-10 working days for the item to be made available. All items to be paid for at the time of the agreement or in the event of a cash sale, to be made within the store before the item is procured for you. 
Good Luck!

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